Logicoil provides refueling solutions to the mining, marine, pastoral, transport and rail sectors, including self-bunded tanks and fuel management systems.

With our relationship with major tank and fuel management suppliers we are able to present cost effective, state of the art refueling options. These include electronic tank dipping so fuel ullage is monitored at all times and download of all fuel transactions from the tank to give complete transparency of all equipment refueling.

Logicoil offers to manage deliveries and tank levels for its customers to ensure tank levels and delivery frequencies keep the fuel levels on site at the optimum level. Fuel Management Systems are key in accounting for fuel usage, if your requirements need you to identify and report on individual trucks in your fleet, mine, rail or by extending your fuel offer to your sub-contractors, Logicoil can assist you in employing the correct Fuel Management System to achieve this, whether it is a requirement to remote access tank volumes for stock accounting or if your business wants to order fuel through it’s head office by remote dipping technology.

Some business require control by vehicle on how much fuel can be dispensed in any one filling eg. Service vehicle versus light vehicles. At Logicoil we are practically minded and we believe that any installation must have inbuilt contingencies to allow customers to have a controlled override in the event of a system failure, this is  to ensure that your business can refuel and continue to operate around system failure.

Data can be retrieved through radio wave modems, telecommunication networks, business LAN’s and USB docking points, so it doesn’t matter how remote you are or if your head office is in another state or country, fuel usage and reporting can be made available just about anywhere. Just think when the refueling nozzle connects with the equipment refueling point the system automatically recognises the asset being filled, more importantly if the equipment is not recognized then no product will be dispensed, preventing unauthorized filling.

Fuel equipment rental solutions

Specialists in: Mining, Transport, Pastoral, Marine and Rail. Logicoil’s fuel equipment solutions are tailored to suit your specific requirements.With our Australia-wide coverage we can deliver on service, installation, maintenance, fuel delivery and price.

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